Most Common Home Inspection Findings in Ohio

Home inspectors look at hundreds of homes a year during home inspections. Since they are constantly finding defects, they begin to notice patterns of defects that occur more often in Ohio homes than others in Ohio. 

Here are the most common defects that home inspectors notice during inspections in Ohio homes. 

Structural Issues

Structural problems are common, and they are also usually quite detrimental to a home’s value and safety. When the structure of a home isn’t in good condition, this can mean very costly repairs, and sometimes irreversible damage. 

Typically the foundation of the home is the reason that there are structural issues, because if the foundation shifts or cracks, the base of the home is unsteady and causes shifting. 

Improper or Poor Drainage

Since Ohio gets a good amount of rain and snow throughout the year, proper grading and drainage is important to maintain the health of homes. 

Home inspectors find homes that have cracked or wet foundations all the time, and this is often because of poor drainage.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems can be very dangerous in a home, because electrical faults or miswiring can result in electrical fires. 

Oftentimes, electrical problems are caused by home-repair jobs by the previous owner, meaning that the person tried to DIY repair the issue instead of contacting a professional. Electrical systems in a home are intricate and require a high level of knowledge to repair properly. 

HVAC Issues

The HVAC system of homes is essential to determining a home’s integrity, and in Ohio home inspectors frequently find problems with it. These problems are usually caused by lack of regular maintenance and cleaning. 

Filters need to be cleaned and/or replaced regularly, and this is often neglected by homeowners. Unfortunately, this neglect usually results in systems that need to be repaired or replaced. 

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