Meet the Team

In addition to our military and law enforcement background, our team has a diverse,  well- rounded skill set that includes experience in residential and commercial electric, plumbing, home renovations and remodeling.

Sean Hathaway

Sean grew up tagging along on job sites at the family plumbing business and has work experience in residential and commercial electric. He also works as a K9 officer and like Max, is a Marine Corps Veteran.
Sean Hathaway

Max Bacher

With extensive experience in DIY remodeling projects to include demolition, framing, drywall, painting, and plumbing, Max’s background experience is perfectly suited for Home Inspections. He also works as a police officer and is a Marine Corps Veteran.

Doug Dearth

Doug spent his earlier years working in construction as a framer and roofer before heading to Texas to become U.S. Army Medic. When Doug isn’t performing home inspections, he can be seen directing documentaries and movies such as, 9,000 Needles, Underdogs and Odd Man Rush. DISCLAIMER: Doug is not a police officer like Sean & Max, but has played one on TV.

Bruce Genovese

Bruce spent his early life shadowing his father learning commercial and residential flooring systems. At Front Line, he is a Licensed Home Inspector, Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot and Certified Residential Thermographer. When he isn’t inspecting, he is a 911 operator in Northern Summit County.


Pooky is our 7 year old German Shepherd Apprentice and company mascot.  After retiring from police K9 duty 12/1/2020, Pooky is now studying hard to learn the Home Inspection trade.
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